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DVD Simplified Flowers by Fiona Peart

This DVD has been produced after many requests from painters having watched Fiona’s flower demonstrations around the UK. All of the techniques shown on the DVD are clear, simple and achievable.

Filmed in Fiona’s garden room studio her demonstrating style is fun and enthusiastic, her obvious enjoyment for painting, and simple approach will encourage viewers to have a go. The flowers chosen are all selected using the techniques covered and each stage is thoroughly demonstrated step-by-step.

This DVD footage is now available as part of a subscription to the 'Film Project Library'

Section 1
The Techniques (using the Pyramid, Stippler and Golden Leaf brushes)
Using single brush strokes - leaves, ferns, viola leaves, cyclamen leaves and rose buds.
Using stippling techniques – hebes, buddleia and similar flowers, with added leaves.
Multiple brush strokes – various leaves with veins, full roses, open roses, directional flowers, and attaching leaves.
Tips on - Allowing the paint to mix on the paper, painting stalks, paint consistency, double loading, priming your brushes, working on wet paper, damp paper and controlling the wetness of the surface, painting berries.

Section 2
Putting it all together in a complete painting which included roses, buds, leaves, buddleia, foliage and berries.
A tracing layout is included to help you succeed with this main painting as well as clear instructions right through from transferring the layout onto your paper right to the finished brush stroke. Beginning with working wet into wet, and then working on the dry paper, using all of the techniques covered on the DVD building up the painting step-by-step.
DVD Simplified Flowers by Fiona Peart