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The Pyramid

For Watercolours
For Acrylics
Developed by Fiona Peart in 2005 within Terry's brush series this uniquely shaped brush is designed specifically for stroke work. The unique shaped head, helps produce fabulous strokes not quite so simple to do with a classic round shaped brush. The triangular shaped head gives a directional driving or steering capability, so convenient for stroke work, particularly good for flowers, leaf shapes and water. The handle is high gloss black with a gold ferrule and purple tip. Made from natural hair. 

Suitable for Watercolour but also suitable for Acrylics if the techniques used are fluid, always wash thoroughly after using Acrylics.

Brush width 0.3" 1cms on each of the three sides
Brush height 1.1" 2.8 cms
Total length 8.5" 21.5cms 
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Pyramid brush with triangular ferrule