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All orders shipped outside of the UK will be sent using the tracked service. I realise this is more expensive than standard air mail but it is important that we can see where your order is if there is any delay. You may find that your parcel is delayed in customs, please be patient
 All parcels eventually arrive.

Testimonial - January 2021
Hello from Canada! I received my order of Terry's brushes and the awesome palette. Wow-that was quick! Where can I leave a nice review for you? I LOVE your products.

Terry found there were certain art materials he really wanted, but they did not exist, so he decided to have them made for him. Then he realised, that if he found them useful, probably others would too and that's how it all started. As well as Terry’s bespoke art materials we also sell his beautiful paintings and prints and jigsaws.

We ship parcels worldwide, you will find the delivery options at the bottom of this page. If your Delivery Country does not appear on our drop down list, please email us for alternative shipping options.

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