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Terry developing his Watercolours

Terry took great pride in developing just the right colour, he would mix the exact colour he wanted, then he became meticulous, spending days at the paint manufacturers testing various colour samples and 'tweeking' them until he thought they were just right, matching his original colour sample exactly.

It all begins by grinding the pigments by hand.


Blending the new colours took a great deal of skill, these chaps know so much about pigments!

 Is the flow right? Paint needs to be the exact consistency otherwise it wont come out of the tube, or indeed, it might drop out! This one is his Artist's Watercolour - Midnight Green.

 Terry testing the consistency of his Sunlit Green acrylic paint.

 Lots of trials were needed, swatches made and hours of development.


 Its a serious job!


 Not quite there yet, meant back to the drawing board

 Terry was thrilled to be trialling his new colours!