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Shadow is a wonderful deep purple that creates a simple way to paint shadows and of course can be used to darken other colours. 
Beautiful when applied as a thin transparent wash over other colours to achieve the effect of a shadow as the colours underneath show through.

Also wonderful for mixing rich darks, try adding TH Midnight Green for a fabulous almost black colour.

Image 4 - Mix with a little TH Midnight Green for an even darker richer shadow.
Image 5 - add more TH Midnight Green to create black,
Image 6 - Mix with TH Turquoise to create gorgeous luminous blues.
Image 7 - Mix with TH Cadmium Red Hue for some surprising burgundy aubergines.
Image 8  Mix with TH Ultramarine to create fab darks.

Add to TH Wild Rose to achieve lovely maroons and bright  burgundy colours.

This colour appears brighter when wet.

Made using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic the honey content improves the longevity of the colours, their radiance, luminosity and creamy consistency.

TH10 Shadow 10ml

Permanence A High

Opaque PV23 contains honey

Series 3
TH10 Shadow Artists Watercolour 10ml Series 3
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