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This is a vibrant fresh colour ideal for painting bluebells and ethereal distant hazes within a painting. It can be added to TH Ultramarine or TH Wild Rose to vary the bluebell haze effect and darkened using TH Shadow.
This colour has an added quality found in few colours in that it is classed a s a 'rushing colour' which pushes other colours away creating ethereal light areas. Once mixed this rushing ability ceases, so use this on its own to achieve this.

A difficult colour to mix, so having it to hand ready mixed is wonderful. 
Granulating colour giving wonderful textures on not and rough surface papers.

Image 4 - Mix with TH Autumn Gold to create a beautiful cool mauves.
Image 5 - Mix with TH Wild Rose to create hot bright mauves.
Image 6 - Mix with TH Cadmium Red Hue to create warm mauves.

Made using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic the honey content improves the longevity of the colours, their radiance, luminosity and creamy consistency.

TH09 Bluebell 10ml

Permanence A High

Opaque PV15 10m  contains honey

Series 2

TH09 Bluebell Artists Watercolour 10ml Series 2
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