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Wild Rose is very bright, luminous colour, wonderful to create clean colour mixes and essential for floral paintings.
Used dilute to create beautiful pale soft pinks and use as a glaze to brighten up dull areas.
Mixed with TH Yellow Gold to create bright reds and oranges.

Image 4 - Mix with TH Country Olive to create warm earth colours.
Image 5 - Mix with TH Ultramarine to create lush mauves.

Made using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic the honey content improves the longevity of the colours, their radiance, luminosity and creamy consistency

TH11 Wild Rose 10ml

Permanence A High

Opaque PR81:1  contains honey

Series 2
TH11 Wild Rose Artists Watercolour 10ml Series 2
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