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Robin Hoods Bay 21 x 29 inches watercolour on Watercolour board

Robin Hoods Bay is either the start or the end of the Coast to Coast Walk, depending on if you travel East to West or West to east.
It is traditional to pick up a small pebble off the beach and carry it across the country joining it with another from St Bees (if you begin in Robin Hoods Bay). Thousands have walked this route and 'The Bay Hotel' is a pub with rooms which if often the resting place of many an exhausted walker.

Terry and I stayed at the Bay Hotel so that we could experience this beach in different lighting, ranging from 5am glorious sunrises to late evenings. Its a beautiful place to visit.

This wonderful painting of Robin Hoods Bay is the original painting used by Gibson's jigsaw puzzles. There are no prints available.
Painting- Robin Hoods Bay 21 x 29 inches
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