Welcome to the official Terry Harrison website


If you wish to use any Terry Harrison images or filmed footage of Terry Harrison to reproduce for products to sell or indeed use of the the name "Terry Harrison" on any products to sell, then copyright or a licence agreement needs to be sought by contacting Fiona on 01451 820014 or emailing mail@terryharrisonart.com.

If you would like to use a 'Terry Harrison' image to inspire you to paint a picture, Terry was always very generous about sharing his knowledge with others and if you use any of his images as a reference to paint pictures for your own personal use, or to give away to family or friends this is fine.

In Terry's own words - "As far as I'm concerned, I create projects in books and on DVDs in order that you have a go at them. If you achieve pictures that you are happy with, then sign them as your own, frame them and exhibit them, then I am delighted. If you intend to exhibit them it is polite to sign after, under or near your own signature "after Terry Harrison" or   'inspired by Terry Harrison'If you like any of my paintings and fancy 'having a go', please do. As soon as you sign a 'copied work' as your own it is always polite to acknowledge the original artist, otherwise you may be accused of "passing off" as someone else. All artists get ideas from the world around us, but to specifically copy another artists work should be acknowledged, all be it in a small way. Enjoy your painting, I do hope my work encourages you"