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Spring Foliage

For Watercolours
For Acrylics
For Oils
This brush is a larger version of the Foliage brush. Its main use is textural, for painting trees and bushes. For best results simply stipple the brush over the surface of the paper. This produces a natural looking texture for trees and bushes. Remember - don't have the brush too wet.

Made from natural hair.

Brush width 0.7" 1.9 cms
Brush height 0.9" 2.3 cms
Total length 9.2" 23.3 cms

Smaller than the Golden Leaf and Summer Foliage brushes but larger than the Golden
Foliage brush, all made from the same mix of natural hair.

Suitable for Watercolours, Acrylics or Oils.
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Spring Foliage
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