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This set contains 12 colours

TH01 'Yellow Gold' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH02 'Sunlit Gold' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH03 'Autumn Gold' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH04 'Sunlit Green' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH05 'Country Olive' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH06 'Midnight Green' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH07 'Turquoise' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH08 'Ultramarine' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH9 'Bluebell' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH10 'Shadow' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH11 'Wild Rose' Artists Watercolour 10ml
TH12 'Cadmium Red Hue' Artists Watercolour 10ml

Use the numbering system on the 'complete set' of watercolours is ideal to position your watercolours in a logical painting order in your watercolour  palette.
TH01 begins on the left side (if you are right handed, the right if you are left handed)
TH12 completes your colours on the right (left if you are left handed) with the empty space reserved for white Gouache.

Please note - Image 2 - Fiona's working palette so the paints are arranged in the palette the way Fiona prefers which is slightly differently with the Autumn Gold at the end on the right.
The image is mainly to show you the paint consistency.

Add the 15ml Daler Rowney white Gouache to your order to fill your 13 space paint palette.

Information on each of these colours is on their individual product pages.

FULL ARTISTS WATERCOLOUR SET of 12 Artists Watercolours 12 x 10ml
FULL ARTISTS WATERCOLOUR SET 12 x 10ml PLUS 1 x 15ml white Gouache
Best I have encountered so far!
" I just want to let you know that I have just completed my swatches using your paints and I think they are the best I have encountered so far. I have used W&N, Sennelier, Schmincke, Daniel Smith, Isaro, QoR, MaimeriBlu, M Graham, Shinhan, Mijello Gold. Your paints outperform most of these impressively. Only QoR can compare with the way your pigments disperse in water. I love the granulation in some colours too. I am so glad to have found you. More people need to know about your paints, they are fantastic! "
~ Michelle Ng from Singapore
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