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NEW - ARTISTS WATERCOLOUR Transforming Blue 14ml

This exciting colour contains a pigment combination which creates effects ideal when using a dynamic approach to watercolour.

Do watch the video below which shows the colours transforming as it moves and dries.

When the colour is first applied to the paper it appears to be a deep ink blue but as it begins to settle into the watercolour paper, whether a smooth not or rough surface, the pigments begin to separate and granulate, transforming and developing into a deep Cobalt with Turquoise notes.
Perfect for dramatic skies, seas, textural landscapes and foliage.

Highly lightfast, intense colour, granulates forming lovely textures on smooth not and rough surfaced papers.

Transforming Blue 14ml

Permanence AAA High


Cobalt Blue, Black Iron Oxide and Phthalocyanine Green
Watch Film Clip 
Artists Watercolour Transforming Blue 14ml
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