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Terry's Big Four Brush Set

For Watercolours
For Acrylics
For Oils
This set includes the Fan Gogh PX, The Golden Leaf, the Foliage PX and Fan Stippler PX brushes.

This set is ideal for those of you who prefer slightly larger brushes. 

The Fan Gogh PX is is a slightly larger brush than the Fan Gogh small.
The Golden Leaf brush is the largest brush in Terry's collection, and very much his brush of choice.
The Foliage PX brush is the same size as the Golden Foliage brush but the handle is larger.
The Fan Stippler PX is a slightly larger brush than the Fan Stippler small.

All the brushes are a blend of soft natural hair types.

Suitable for Watercolours, Acrylics or Oils.

The individual brushes have their own right ups.