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DVD Snow Scenes in watercolour

These two stunning snow scenes are inspired by two summer landscapes which feature in Terry's book 'What to Paint - Landscapes in watercolour' 

There are two painting projectsSleepy Hollow and Towpath Cottage These paintings give you plenty of scope to put this into practice many new exciting ways of applying masking fluid

So often we see a wonderful summer scene which would look wonderful in winter, this DVD shows you how to use the same landscape but change the season to winter.
Each feature scenes from the waters edge giving you an opportunity to use the warm reflections and light to create two beautiful pictures to be proud of.

Once you have mastered these, you will be able to create your own from any summer landscape. Included with the DVD are the two line drawing layouts so that you can paint along with me. You don't need the book to enjoy the DVD but its interesting to see the two pictures I used as my reference for these paintings.

This DVD footage is now available as part of a subscription to the 'Film Project Library'

Includes 2 line layouts

DVD Snow Scenes in watercolour