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The Pointer

For Watercolours
For Acrylics

Designed to make detail work simpler, the Pointer has a reservoir made from sable but a synthetic central point, fed by the sable reservoir. This enables the brush to be used for longer periods without continually dipping it back into the paint as would be necessary with a synthetic brush. 

This combines the strength of a synthetic brush helping it to hold its point well, with the advantages of a natural haired brush for its reservoir holding capacity.

Brush width 0.2" 0.6cms
Brush height 1" 2.7cms
Total length 7.9" 20.2cms  

Suitable for Watercolour but also suitable for Acrylics if the techniques used are fluid, always wash thoroughly after using Acrylics.

Handle reads 'Fiona Peart Pointer'

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The Pointer Brush