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Golden Wizard

This brush has two lengths of natural hair, 20% of which is slightly longer than the rest. The paint is held in the body of the brush and is released through the longer hair, which clumps together into small points. This gives the effect of fine lines slightly spaced making it a great brush for painting grasses, fur and hair. It is perfect for blending because of the gentle release of paint from the fine points of hair - ideal for painting water and reflections. The ragged end of the brush creates a natural looking jagged outline for trees and hedgerows. It really is a magical brush!
Made from natural hair.
Brush width 0.5" 1.4 cms
Brush height 0.8" 2 cms
Total Length 7.5" 19.4 cms
Suitable for Watercolours, Acrylics or Oils.
More information on all brushes are in Tutorials.

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