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Complete BRUSH SET for Watercolours, Acrylics or Oils

For Watercolours
For Acrylics
For Oils

This set includes the Golden Wizard, Fan Gogh small,  Fan Stippler small, Deerfoot Stippler, Foliage PX,   Golden Leaf, Mock Meerkat 3/4" flat, Mock Meerkat 1/2" flat, Large Detail, Medium Detail, Small Detail and Half Rigger brushes.

These brushes are all suitable for Watercolours, Acrylics or Oils. We recommend you use a separate set if you are using them for Oils, but if you are using them for Watercolours or Acrylics, providing you keep your brushes well rinsed out, they can be used for either.

We have put together this brush set to help you to achieve success when following the step by steps in all of my books. It represents extremely good value rather than purchasing brushes individually.

We have included a PX brush so that you can use the tooled handle for the scraping out techniques.

The individual brushes have their own right ups.

Complete BRUSH Set (12 brushes
" Thank you for the wonderful brushes. The only word to describe them is delicious! "
~ Francesca D.
" I have just used the brushes which I got before Christmas and I want to say that they are FABULOUS! I have used several manufacturers in the few years I am painting but they were never satisfactory, they wore out too quick, no real point on them or just didn't work for me. Yours do all the things I want to do, they are soft, hold loads of paint, have a great point and the bush and tree and golden leaf, which I already had, are the same high performance. Great! "
~ Anna Melia USA
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