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Designer Red Sable Brush Black Gloss Handle size 10

For Watercolours
For Acrylics
Red Sable is such a lovely hair to paint with and suited to the serious painter who uses more traditional watercolour techniques.
The designer shape is narrower than the standard round which makes it particularly responsive. This brush 'points' well.

Particularly suitable for watercolour but also for Acrylics, especially inks.
Always wash thoroughly after using Acrylics.

Not recommended for oils.

These brushes are very soft, and have great absorbency.

No printing on the handle.

Size 10 Red Sable brush
Brush width 0.6 cms 
Brush length 2.6 cms
Total brush length 20 cms 
Designer Red Sable Brush black gloss handle - size 10
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