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Terry Harrison is the master of watercolour painting using simple techniques and brushes that are perfect for the purpose.

Here he brings together years of teaching experience and all the tips, techniques and inspiring step by step projects from two of his best selling books, which have taught a generation of artists how to paint landscapes 'the easy way'
Learn how to choose the right brush for the job and master the essential techniques and you'll soon be painting beautiful scenes that include, a doorway in Venice, a barn in snow and a beach in St Lucia.
10 stunning step-by-step projects
simple techniques with impressive results
Packed with practical advice and inspiration

Includes material from 'Brush with Watercolour' and 'Painting Watercolour Landscapes the easy way'
Book Review by Henry Malt
This is not a new book, except that it is, and it even feels like one. How so? Well, it’s another of those bind-ups that Search Press are becoming so adept at, comprising the original (and excellent) Brush With Watercolour and subsequent Watercolour Landscapes The Easy Way.
As we’ve come to expect, you can’t see the join and the new whole is, if not greater than the sum of its parts, then at least equal in terms of the usefulness of the book. The result, in fact, is one of the most coherent watercolour courses I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s slightly shorter than the combination of the originals, demonstrating that the preliminary material has been filleted for duplication. I also suspect that some running orders have been changed so that there’s no jumping about. You can’t, like Ernie Wise’s supposed wig, see the join.
The best way to sum the book up, I think, is simply to list the main chapter headings: Choosing your equipment, Using the brushes, Techniques, Demonstrations. You see, perfectly logical. As to those brushes, yes they are all from the Terry Harrison range. I’ve observed before that you may have suitable alternatives already, or you can get them – one fan brush is, let’s face it, pretty much like another. Except that it isn’t. Terry’s brushes have a very slightly ragged edge from new, so they don’t produce a sharp line. It’s a small detail, but worth pointing out as it shows the attention he’s given them and that they’re designed to help you, rather than just make money for him. Quite a lot of artists have tried a brush range over the years, but Terry’s has stood the test of time, which is an endorsement in itself.
Sorry to go on at length there, but I think it’s important to stress that Terry is assiduous in his efforts to help you paint, rather than simply to show you how clever he is. It’s the main reason why, as well as the brushes, he himself is as popular as ever.
There’s plenty here to like, from the simple technical explanations at the beginning, the exercises in skies, foliage, water, flowers and buildings as well as wet-in-wet, dry brush and the use of masking fluid. To conclude, the ten demonstrations cover just about every aspect of landscape painting across differing conditions and seasons. It really is that comprehensive. 


Hi I am a beginner in watercolours, the last time I painted was at school and that was many minions ago so picked up painting again. I tried a watercolour class which was a sham and so a friend who paints in watercolours and draws in charcoal suggested I purchase a book which covers everything I needed to know about watercolour painting especially landscapes and i went into Smith and bought your book.
It covers everything I needed to know from brushes, to paints , paper and the rest is so amazing. Its the best book I have ever bought, none of the the other books out like this cover everything you need to know to paint landscapes and I love trees, bridges, scenery.
So I'm writing to express such gratitude on finding your book and the contents therein.

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