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To commemorate Terry's life I am giving away a free 7 x 10 inch print with each book.

There are two images to choose from, Autumn Lane and The Canal Trip.

Terry was able to see this book published and was delighted with it, we sat together and went through it page by page, he knew it was to be his last book, he had wanted to write it for some time and many of the images in the book are very personal to him, some are from the village and others are places we visited together. 

There are a wealth of techniques for painting snow in watercolour, using masking fluid, wet into wet techniques which make your painting glow, using coloured papers as well as how to turn a plain winter picture into  a Christmas scene using Terry's simple tips. Step by Step exercises  are followed by six stunning projects including a wintry lane, a Christmas Cottage, an American Barn, and a beautiful winter sunset, all topped with a sparkling layer of snow.

Book review by Henry Malt of 'Art Book Review' published in the  'The Artist' magazine.

"Sadly, this is going to be my last review of a new Terry Harrison book. His death has left a huge hole in the world of art instruction and many readers will be asking where they will go now. Terry was one of the best explainers and his relaxed style of both painting and demonstrating made the results look, while easy, not too easy. You think, 'With a bit of effort, I could do that too' and the real secret is that you can. Terry always gave a polished performance,but there was never any sleight of hand, no secrets he kept to himself. 

Follow the instructions, use his own range of brushes (they really do what they promise) and the results will follow.He may be gone but there is a substantial legacy of books and articles that we can refer to for many years to come.  This new book was one he most wanted to write. Given a free choice of topic, it was the one he chose and I've been told that he saw the proofs and was delighted by the result. Snow is one of the hardest things to paint, harder even than water, which is all about reflections. Snow looks white, but isn't. Its blue, its grey and its every colour in between. It obscures familiar shapes but creates new ones and has a structure and perspective all of its own.

All the techniques are here, along with exercises and demonstrations that cover tracks, trees, mountains, water, buildings and mush else.There are even some well-wrapped figures and one snowman! Snow is an impermanent thing, but Terry gives it the substance you'd expect. Its both ironic and typical of him that Terry should chose to subtitle this 'the easy way'.

As we all know, there is no quick or easy way to paint and its a private joke between us and the author that there might be. This though, is Terry saying 'trust me' and very gently showing you the way without leading. If it was mountaineering, he'd be holding the rope, but still letting you do the climb. He may be gone, but all the belays are still there."

BOOK IN ENGLISH Paining Snow Scenes the easy way plus print CANAL TRIP 128 page
BOOK IN SPANISH Painting Snow Scenes the easy way plus print CANAL TRIP 128 page
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