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Terry Harrison's Watercolour Palette

You will only be able to buy these palettes from this website. The Palette shape and size is the equivalent of A4. Made from plastic.
As these items are made of plastic, I have decided that once the stock is gone I do not intend to order any more, so I have a limited stock of these left.

Terry especially designed this palette; he tried to create The Perfect Palette for watercolour artists. The whole idea being that the lid is placed over the paint wells enabling the tube colours to remain moist and workable and prevents them from drying out between painting sessions. It saves wasting paint by washing it away after a painting session and enables you to transport your unused paint without a mess.

The large mixing sections are divided into three so that you can group your colours, for example, earth colours in one section, blues in another and so on. The front of the mixing area slopes upwards to avoid spilling and making cleaning easier.

These palettes have no base.
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Watercolour Palette
" Hello from Canada! I received my order of Terry's brushes and the awesome palette. Wow-that was quick! Where can I leave a nice review for you? I LOVE your products.. "
~ Tracey from Canada
" I'm very pleased indeed with the palette, the mixing areas are great and very easy to clean with the help of the cap over the paint. It certainly beats other palettes I have used. "
~ Trevor