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Autumnal Gold is a natural orange colour that artists find so difficult to mix. Its not too yellow and not too red, a real subtle orange. 
For landscape painters this colour solves that dilemma of the Autumn Gold leaf colouring.

Can be used by adding a tiny amount of Ultramarine to successfully to substitute Burnt Sienna in any of Terry's books.
Adding more Ultramarine and the colour becomes Burnt Umber.

Image 4 - Mix with TH Turquoise to create a fabulous soft granulating green.
Image 5 - Mix with TH Ultramarine to create a Burnt Umber, again in Terry's books.
Image 6 - Mix with TH Bluebell to create a wonderful warm mauve.
Image 7 - Mix with TH Shadow to create a warm black.
Image 8 - Mix with TH Country Olive to create an earthy mustard.
Image 9 Mix with TH Wild Rose to create a vibrant orange.

Made using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic the honey content improves the longevity of the colours, their radiance, luminosity and creamy consistency.

TH03 Autumn Gold 10ml

Permanence A Opaque

PY150  contains honey

Series 3
TH03 Autumn Gold Artists Watercolour 10ml Series 3
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