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Vibrant Flowers PROJECT BOOK & DVD SET by Fiona Peart

This is a wonderful watercolour book and DVD set, particularly if you are not too good at drawing as it includes all of the tracing layouts. These can be used time and time again.

There are five step by step projects in the book, each are explained step by step to ensure success.

Sunflowers Bouquet  also on the DVD
Poppies also on the DVD
Blue Iris
Vase of Tulips also on the DVD in an A4 format plus a bonus Lilies project available on the tracing layout and photographed in the book but features in full on the DVD.

The filming for this DVD was done in the studio here in Bourton-on-the-Water giving a personal insight as to how the artist works.

It is a beautifully filmed DVD with sumptuous close ups, ensuring you see how the colours merge wet into wet as well as the vital brush close ups enabling you to watch how to 'catch' colours and link wet sections together.

Fiona tells you what she is doing and explains everything as you go along, completing four projects.

This is a lovely Book and DVD set for anyone who enjoys flower painting. purchased separately BOOK PRICE IS £8.99 purchased separately DVD PRICE IS £15.99
Vibrant Flowers PROJECT BOOK & DVD SET