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I have very limited stock of one of these colours, so currently the Autumn Shades are not available to purchase as a set. Once my new stock arrives, the set will be back.

Three specially blended Autumn Shades, Sunlit Gold, Autumn Gold and Burnt Shadow, are made exclusively for Terry which help to create a natural looking landscape - the easy way. Pack Contains - 3 x 14 ml tubes

Sunlit Gold - Pigments -PY83, Diarylide AT,PR101 Trans, Trans Iron Oxide Red AAT  Permanence A. Semi Opaque. 

Autumn Gold - Pigments -PR101 Trans Iron Oxide Red AAT, PY42 Hydrated Iron Oxide, Yellow AAO P013, Pyrazolone AST. Permanence A. Opaque. 

Burnt Shadow - Pigments -PR48 Monazo AST,PO20 Cadmium Sulphoselenide AO, PB15 3 Beta Copper Phthalocyanine AT Permanence A. Opaque.