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Three specially blended Autumn Shades, Sunlit Gold, Autumn Gold and Burnt Shadow, are made exclusively for Terry which help to create a natural looking landscape - the easy way.
Pack Contains - 3 x 4 ml tubes
Sunlit Gold - Pigments -PY83, Diarylide AT,PR101 Trans, Trans Iron Oxide Red AAT 
Permanence A. Semi Opaque. 
Autumn Gold - Pigments -PR101 Trans Iron Oxide Red AAT, PY42 Hydrated Iron Oxide, Yellow AAO P013, Pyrazolone AST. Permanence A. Opaque. 
Burnt Shadow - Pigments -PR48 Monazo AST,PO20 Cadmium Sulphoselenide AO, PB15 3 Beta Copper Phthalocyanine AT
Permanence A. Opaque. 

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Sunlit Gold 14ml, Autumn Gold 14ml, Burnt Shadow 14ml  £18.99
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