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Large expanses or foreground are often really difficult to make interesting, many paintings include a road surface or pathway and this colour is ideal for this.

Tarmac granulates when used on rough paper which means it separates slightly showing its distinct pigments helping to create lovely textures, for example on distant hills or rocks, as well as large expanses. There is a hint of blue, purple and pink which all show when the paint granulates.

It also has an opacity which helps give credibility to areas needing form. Mix it with other colours such as Bluebell or Permanent Rose to add depth to a painting.

This is an Artists’ quality watercolour, available in 14ml tubes.

Pigments - Sodium Alumino Sulphosilicate, Titanium Oxide, Iron Oxides, Dioxazine
Permanence A. Opaque  
Tarmac 14ml
Wonderful Colour
" Just wanted to say your new colour, Tarmac, such a boring name for such a wonderfully useful colour! I love the way it separates out with the mauve/blue highlights! Have just used it in a painting of the Dwarfie Stane, Hoy. It showed the stone and recesses off perfectly. Thank you! "
~ Helen M