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Monday February 29, 2016 at 5:36pm
Lake Orta is one of the smallest and most beautiful of the Italian Lakes and is surrounded by the lovely wooded Piedmont hills. The jewel of Lake Orta and a source of endless painting opportunities is the tiny island of San Giulio, with its bell tower, Basilica and fine villas, that sits directly opposite the little town of Orta and our hotel. The piazza with its rather faded Renaissance buildings and the serene lakeside panorama make Orta a perfect painting location. Its 16th century town hall is decorated with frescoes and many of the houses have wrought iron balconies draped with flowers, and there are lots of narrow alleyways and cobbled streets to paint. The local ferry service enables you to paint on the island of San Giulio and in other lake side villages, some of which have weekly markets.
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