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Beginners Artist Set

I have created this set primarily for those of you following my beginners watercolour course as a basic essential bundle.
The most important materials for anyone beginning to paint, is quality paint and brushes.
Here you have a set of 6 Artist Watercolours and 2 Artist quality brushes.

This set contains 6 colours
1 x TH01 'Yellow Gold' Artists Watercolour 10ml
1 x TH03 'Autumn Gold' Artists Watercolour 10ml
1 x TH05 'Country Olive' Artists Watercolour 10ml
1 x TH06 'Midnight Green' Artists Watercolour 10ml
1 x TH08 'Ultramarine' Artists Watercolour 10ml
1 x TH11 'Wild Rose' Artists Watercolour 10ml

1 x Size 10 Red Sable brush
Brush width 0.6 cms 
Brush length 2.6 cms
Total brush length 19.5cms

1 x Pointer brush
Brush width 0.2" 0.6cms
Brush height 1" 2.7cms
Total length 7.9" 20.2cms  
6 X 10ml Artist colours plus 2 x Art Brush